ABA Services:
•      Individualized program development based on observation and  assessment of individual
Direct intervention sessions in the home and community
Weekly updates for treatment planning 
Monthly progress updates
Team Meetings conducted at home every 4-6 weeks 
Attendance of Doctor’s appointment, Speech or Occupational Therapy appointments* 

         * if feasible with scheduling
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School Services
On-site visits to school setting to check skills and progress
Therapy visits to conduct peer play groups at school setting
Training to school professionals 
Individualized Education Program ( IEP) meeting attendance- up to 2 per calendar year
IEP goal writing
Functional Behavioral Assessments
Behavioral Intervention Plans
Therapy visits at school setting if appropriate and allowed by school
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BCBA Supervision
Individual Supervision
Group Supervision - Free, please contact Zahra for dates
Remote Supervision
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Trainings for parents and professionals
Autism & Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA technical skills training 

Activity-Based Instruction & Natural Environment Instruction 

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the law

Problem behaviors & Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

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ABX Solutions, LLC

For more information,
email: zahra@abxsolutions.org

b                                                                           ABX Solutions
Information for Military Families
Local Charleston area Exceptional Family Members Program (EFMP) contact:  

        Reta Mills 843-963-4411
ABA choices under ECHO:  http://amfas.org/aba-therapy

ABA coverage is now available for retirees.  Click the link below for details:


ABX Solutions is a Tricare approved ABA provider.
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Walk for Autism 2015
Lowcountry Autism Foundation Fundraiser 2014 .  Local providers from left to right:  Kerri Krauss, Zahra Haji, Shannon Doughty, and Kerri Pakurar.